A guide to selling your property in 2024
January 2024

A guide to selling your property in 2024

Set yourself up for success

It’s time to move on, but where to next? You haven’t thought about selling ‘just because’ - embarking on a change of lifestyle and property is an exciting one!  And while it might seem a bit early to consider ‘where to next’ before you’ve even sold your current home, it’s actually quite important to have a plan in place for your move.

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The right time to sell - myth or method?

Whenever you decide to sell, make sure it’s right for you. There’s no doubt it’s one of the most important questions homeowners ask themselves before embarking on selling their property. And from high interest rates to a ‘slower’ market that may tend to favour buyers, any time of the year brings external factors that can worry you as a vendor.

Find out how much your property is worth

There are plenty of ways to uncover an estimated price for your property, but the true value comes down to many different factors - the location, its condition, buyer activity, financial markets, what’s happening around it.

At the end of the day, your home is worth what someone will pay for it, however, this is something that can be influenced!

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How to enhance the appeal of your home

Getting your property ready for sale cannot be underestimated - it’s one of the biggest contributions you can make to the overall success of the selling process.

When listing your home for sale, you want it to stand out - for all the right reasons.

Successful selling (along with getting a great price), comes from creating buyer demand. So instead of the house for sale down the street, people want yours!

Understand the selling process

Take your time to prepare for the property selling process, to minimise stress and ensure you get the right result that your property deserves. 

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We hope this guide helps you get prepared to sell your property!

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