Pros and cons of selling your house and moving somewhere new  
March 2023

Pros and cons of selling your house and moving somewhere new  

Selling your house and moving somewhere new is a big step. Especially if you’re not exactly sure where you want to go.

But once you have decided that you’re ready for a fresh start, you can always start your journey by considering the next step - a country life, a lifestyle block or setting up home in a new provincial town?

Here at PGG Wrightson we’ve seen people make all kinds of moves to lots of different places, and here’s the main pros and cons for each of your choices:

Moving to the country

Swapping the city for a rural life is a big move, but there’s many reasons people decide to up-sticks to the countryside. And with the internet and technology allowing people to remain connected virtually, even when they are physically remote, means life is a little bit easier for those on the farm.


  • Depending on the location, you’ll often get a lot more for your money the further you go from a city or town centre. This could mean a bigger house and/or a smaller mortgage.
  • It is a complete change of lifestyle, which may be exactly what you’re looking for. From the quiet serenity to nature on your doorstep and living away from the hustle and bustle of urban and city life.
  • It could provide you with a new income opportunity, so you can work at home and find a better balance of family life.


  • Depending on the location, a lot of rural properties are quite some distance from amenities, which means you may have to do a lot of driving for things such as schooling, shopping for essentials and healthcare.
  • You have to be quite self-sufficient, as things like power and the internet aren’t always as reliable as they are in urban areas.
  • Unless you plan on working on your rural block (and upskilling to a new trade/industry), it could be difficult to find employment - and you’ll also need to manage employment as well as the maintenance required on your property.

Upsizing to a lifestyle block

With a nice balance of country and town, it’s understandable that lifestyle block living has been on the rise for the last few years. So if you fancy a little bit of land, where there’s space for the kids to spread out and nobody too close just over the back fence, then perhaps finding a lifestyle block is the next step for you.


  • A lifestyle property can give you more land than in a suburban area, giving you and your family an opportunity to spend a lot more time outdoors.
  • You may be able to find a supplementary income from the land, such as honey or free range eggs.
  • While your neighbours may be further away, the community spirit tends to be stronger in locations where there are a number of lifestyle blocks. From street parties to lending a hand, you’ll soon know those around you on a first name basis.


  • Lifestyle blocks require care and maintenance, and if you still need to work, it could be hard to juggle the needs of the property with your employment.
  • If you have to commute, depending on the location this could mean a lot more time is spent travelling to and from work.
  • You could also be some distance from amenities, making schooling and after school activities a little more difficult. There may also be less access to things such as restaurants, recreational facilities and retailers.

Choosing a new provincial town

As we grow older, our priorities change and we look to our surroundings to provide us with the lifestyle we’re looking for. Sometimes this means a change of scenery and with so many amazing towns around New Zealand, we’re all spoilt for choice!


  • You may be able to move closer to friends and/or family that you’ve been living apart from for many years.
  • You can choose from many different places and weigh up which ones will work best for you and your family.
  • It will provide you with a brand new place to explore, amenities and facilities to enjoy, as well as closer proximity to other locations you may be interested in visiting.


  • You may have to say goodbye to a community that you have enjoyed being a part of, as well as any friends and family that live nearby.
  • It can take some time to feel settled somewhere new and to make new connections.
  • You may not have all the amenities and facilities you’re used to having in your previous town.

With locations right across New Zealand, we’ll always have an agent who can help you with everything you need to know - from a plan of action to get your current property sold, to putting you in touch with the right people in the region you’re interested in moving to.

Get in touch with a PGG Wrightson Real Estate office today - we can get you where you want to go.

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