I'm ready to sell - what next?
November 2022

I'm ready to sell - what next?

After the decision has been made to sell your property, there can be an overwhelming amount of information and advice being given to you from all directions. Suddenly, instead of the exciting start of a new chapter – you’re stressed.

We’ve asked our national team of local experts for the advice they give their clients when starting the process of selling one of their most valuable assets with us. Our experienced salespeople break down the steps for you, leaving you to enjoy the process.

  1. Declutter: The potential buyers want to imagine their life in the space and how they will make it their own. Don’t make it harder for them with your ‘knick-knacks’ covering tables and other surfaces. This has the added benefit of getting you in the right headspace for packing and moving your belongings.
  2. Have a plan: Talk to your real estate agent about the strategy for selling your property. This should include a marketing plan that is unique to your property and takes advantage of the best parts of your property. During this time, make sure all your concerns are voiced and you’re comfortable with the plan.
  3. Don’t rush: If your circumstances allow for it – don’t rush the process. This gives you the time to create and work through a plan, share your property with the right audience and gives you breathing room to find your next property. The process may take longer than you think, and the extra time will help reduce any stress.
  4. Finish all the unfinished jobs: We’ve heard it all before, you start a project on the weekend and by Monday it gets pushed to the bottom of the ‘to-do’ list, never to be completed. Now is the time to finish those jobs that you’ve been meaning to finish or clear up. Potential buyers don’t want to complete them for you, and when you spend the money to update your property, you’ll usually make that money back in the sale.
  5. Don’t be nervous: We’re here for you and we have the experience and expertise to guide you through this process. This should be a stress-free journey to your next chapter of your life. We have the farming connections or background, and a New Zealand-wide network to help you sell and then find a new property. We can help introduce you to your new community as well – because we live there too!

Get in touch with us to discuss the sale of your property and get ready for your next chapter. We have industry knowledge and a network that spans the country ready to use when working for you.

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